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Digital Marketing Institute Indore

Opening Doors To Digital Future

Best Brand Awarded Digital Marketing Training Institute In Indore.
Since - 2010, remained Focused to provide 100% Practical training on Industrial Digital Marketing Modules with Record Breaking Placements

The world is transforming faster into Digtitalization and it's growing rapidly into the Digtal world. As the growth is continuous and intense it have opened the gates of profitability for many who know to tackle the online world with digital marketing. Every business small of big find the need of digital marketing in brand building or promotions. To fulfill the desires and achieve the most out of online marketing, Crazyonweb digital marketing institute in Indore was founded to collaborate, train and educate everyone in need of digital marketing be it for their business, their jobs , their future prospects or just to satisfy their interest.
So what exactly is Digital Marketing? It's a broder term that aims at all forms of online medium or online media to form one's presence and influence with all the potential users plus track their behaviourial patterns. Every social network is different so is their advertisement guidelines, terms and posting styles. Learning about the hacks to increase your social reach, grabbing the hold of first place in major search engines for any query are some examples that you do in digital marketing.

When we established Crazyonweb, it was clear that if we were to grow as a digital marketing training institute, it should be based on values & philosophy. And Since our inception, we have held strongly on to this belief.

Our company is rooted in a framework that promotes being head-over-heels excited about the quality training we provide.

What’s better about an institute that is genuinely ecstatic about what they do, We would greatly love the chance to show you

 -  BEST BRAND AWARD  1st June 2018

at World CSR

digital marketing institute indore best brand award

Our Take Aways!!!

Digital marketing can surprisingly work as the best for your future prospects. If you are looking to enter into the competitive digital world, you do not require a degree, Crazyonweb can assist you to stand out of the crowd and achieve the best out of your digital marketing knowledge in Indore and be known around the world. If you are looking out for a great career opportunity, drop by us to learn digital marketing hacks, tricks and more to make your career shine to all new heights by taking your digital marketing potential to the whole new level.

digital marketing course module 1

Digital Marketing Fundamentals

digital marketing course module 2

Website Planning & Structure

digital marketing course module 3

Keyword Planning

digital marketing course module 4

Website Tracking & Monitoring

digital marketing course module 5

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

digital marketing course module 6

E-Mail Marketing

digital marketing course module 7

Social Media Marketing

digital marketing course module 8

Content Writing

digital marketing course module 10

App Store Optimization

digital marketing course module 11

Video Marketing

digital marketing course module 12

E-commerce Marketing

digital marketing course module 13

Online Reputation Management

digital marketing course module 14

How to Grab Freelancing Projects

digital marketing course module 16

Competitor Analysis

digital marketing course module 17

Website Analytics & Goal Tracking

digital marketing course module 18

Content Marketing

digital marketing course module 19

Affiliate Marketing


More than 2k happily satisfied placed, 20+ entrepreneurs, 10+ startups stratergized

trained digital marketer

It was very good experience of learning. I joined in SEO Certification, I learned a lot there. Mr. Sachin Dixit is really great instructor. Thanks to CrazyOnWeb to make me such a strong person in Digital Marketing.

trained digital marketer

Best SEO training institute in Indore. When I was join I don't know anything about SEO and Digital Marketing and now I got a job in a reputed seo company and I can say that it was a good decision

trained digital marketer

Hats off to CrazyonWeb, one of the excellent digital marketing training institutes in Indore to grab the marketing concepts.

Tools We Cover

We aim at providing the best quality training in Digital Marketing industry, in order to achieve that it is very necessary to train every trainee about the function of different tools used in Online Promotions, Site Audit etc. 

Since 2010 we are constantly improving and improvising with the rapid changing technology in Digital Marketing in the Internet World. Since that time our trainees have really got the support needed in cutting those ropes which were pulling them back .

days                             45


Basic Foundation Digital Marketing Course covers all the basic knowledge about Digital Marketing and it's Application. It's a 45 Days Course with 10 modules and is mainly recommended for Business Owners.

days                             90


Advanced Digital Marketing Certification Course covers all the advanced topics about Internet Marketing and it's application in real life scenarios. It's a 90 Days Course with 24 modules and mainly recommended by Job Seekers or Students.

days                             150

Master Diploma

Master in Digital Marketing Diploma Course covers all the market in depth topics with real life examples, case studies, practical activities, brand survival tactics, internship and more. It's a 150 Days course with 36 Industrial Modules and is mainly recommended to those who are looking for in dept knowledge of Digital Marketing with an internship

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